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Imperial Earl Grey & Garden of Eden

Wellness teas with a beautiful fragrance to give your friend a lift and calm.

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    Imperial Earl Grey

    Oolong tea was long served at the Chinese Imperial Courts and Earl Grey is very much a traditional British recipe.

    The unique factor of our handcrafted Imperial Earl Grey can be found in that we use only the finest oolong leaves, delicately scented with superior bergamot.

    Luxurious orchid notes mingle with a soft citrus aroma, to add a unique texture to this traditional British recipe.

    Garden of Eden

    A delicious union of black and green tea is infused with the bouquet of wildflowers.

    Inspired by the formal gardens at Blenheim Palace and its exotic butterfly house; roses, sunflowers and blue cornflowers are blended with a billowing note of Japanese peach.

    This award-winning brew is aromatic, light and as sensuous as the best man-made Eden.

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