Ultimate Super Green Tea Collection - Caddy Boxes

White Elixir, Garden of Eden & Green Flamingo

Three awards winning loose leaf green tea blends are supercharged with antioxidants. The different delicious flavour profiles give you the variety of light, medium and dark.

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    White Elixir

    Delicate with a top floral note of white jasmine and blue mallow flowers, this elegant, award-winning blend echoes the fragrance of a natural spa.

    If there really is a fountain of youth, I’d imagine this is the rejuvenating brew that transports you to that moment of peace.

    Garden of Eden

    A delicious union of black and green tea is infused with the bouquet of wildflowers.

    Inspired by the formal gardens at Blenheim Palace and its exotic butterfly house; roses, sunflowers and blue cornflowers are blended with a billowing note of Japanese peach.

    This award-winning brew is aromatic, light and as sensuous as the best man-made Eden.

    Green Flamingo

    Green Flamingo is a sensuous mélange of gunpowder green tea and notes of the exotic Graviola fruit (also known as soursop).

    Sprinkled with red cornflowers, this blend is both fruity and floral with a sensual, silky quality.

    Sip this green tea as it softly unfolds layers of sweet lychee, rose and honey to create a passionate samba of flavours.

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