Signature Breakfast Tea

Loose Leaf or Teabags?


A harmonious blend of Assam and Kenyan tea leaves that brings a boost at sunrise or any time of the day.


    Pouring the steaming water into her cup and watching the teabag rise, she had vivid flashbacks.

    The steam of the almost boiled kettle dancing high up towards the dark wood ceiling beams, the familiar sound of the old tartan biscuit tin being pulled from the cupboard, and the feeling of the cool, textured worksurfaces against her fingers and nose as she…

    Read the full story and capture your own satisfying 'Me Moment' when you experience our Signature Breakfast tea – buy it now.


    Quinteassential’s house blend, Signature breakfast is a harmony of the finest Indan and African black tea leaves.

    Deep, bold and aromatic, it is delicious on its own or with a touch of plant-based or dairy milk; whatever your preference, our smooth Signature Breakfast will titillate your senses.

    Start your day off on the right note.


    Rich and full breakfast blend, perfect for even the toughest builder. Base notes are full bodied and malty Assam and Kenyan tea leaves. Make this your go-to comfort blend for any time of the day.


    Breakfast, afternoon tea, cakes and scones, in other words, all variety of rich foods and heavy meals. Enjoy it hot and exactly how you like it, with or without milk and sugar. This blend is delicious served as iced tea with lemon and mint.


    Allow 1 - 2 teaspoons per cup for loose leaf, or a single teabag for 2 cups.

    Water temperature 100˚C.

    Infuse for approximately 3 minutes.

    For the perfect brew, use your phone to scan the QR code printed on the packet to trigger a unique soundtrack that acts as a tea-timer, and to read the full Signature Breakfast story.

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