Revive Collection

Teabags or Loose Leaf?

    Revive the senses with our exquisite green and white tea blends.

    The health benefits of drinking (green) tea have been well documented and there has never been a time where this is more relevant.

    These unique and healthy teas have been crafted by Bernadine, our tea designer, with health and wellness at the fore.

    Those who appreciate the finer things in life will be thrilled to sample the teas in this collection set.

    Capture your own revitalising “me moment”…

    When you experience our Revive Collection – buy it now.


    Green Flamingo

    Green Flamingo is a sensuous mélange of gunpowder green tea and notes of the exotic graviola fruit. Sprinkled with pink cornflowers, this blend softly unfolds layers of sweet lychee, rose and honey to create a passionate samba of flavours.

    Garden of Eden

    Inspired by the Pleasure Gardens and exotic butterfly house at Blenheim Palace, Garden of Eden is a delightful union of green and black tea, infused with a bouquet of wildflowers. Roses, sunflowers and blue cornflowers combine with Japanese peach notes to echo the sensuous aromas of the best man-made Eden.

    White Elixir

    A pure edible beauty, our award-winning White Elixir is infused with jasmine blossoms, blue mallow flowers, ginko leaves and spirulina to create an elegant blend. This delicate white tea blend echoes the essence of a natural spa, so sit back, relax and let the cup transport you for a moment of peace.

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