The Quinteassential Story

Bernadine Tay, founder and tea designer of Quinteassential, has used her science background to compose a veritable symphony of blends using only the finest quality grade of leaf tea, herbs, fruits and flowers.

Quinteassential’s tea guru doesn’t just create wonderful blends for our own small business, Bernadine has also crafted custom blends for numerous organisations ranging from five-star resorts to blue chip technology companies to breweries, fashion labels and porcelain manufacturers.

Not only a highly trained tea sommelier, Bernadine is also a tea judge, business coach and a founding member of the European Speciality Tea Association.

Bernadine is a natural storyteller; inspiration for her inimitable blends has been steeped with the colourful experiences she’s encountered during her travels.

“In all corners of life there’s beauty to befound” says Bernadine, “ I learned how much you can tell from a person by the way they take their tea and I watched in fascination as this near religious brew is enjoyed in so many different ways all around the world”.

The colourful designs on our teaboxes are reminiscent of the leaves, spices, flowers and botanicals that are used to make up the blend and help evoke the spirit of the story. 

With an exciting range of flavours inspired by memoires,we hope to bring tea drinkers on an imaginary voyage, even if it’s momentary.

Each blend has a unique piece of music and its own story, designed to provide amulti—sensory experience to transport you.

Simply make the tea mindfully, whenthe water is poured, scan the QR code on the box, listen to the music and inhale.

When the music is done, your tea is ready and brewed in perfect time.

A little investment that is rewarding.

In the coming years, the distinction between teas designed for enjoyment and those designed for health will continue to blur.

Given the natural benefits of tea in pure form, drinkers can focus on finding delicious varieties.

The excitement for me as a tea designer of flavours and experiences is the opportunity to design tea blends that help others feel good.

 My greatest beliefis because life is too short, everyone should enjoy what they drink, as that contributes to happiness.

Wellness is about the mind as much as it’s for the body.

Finally, tea drinking can be highly enjoyable when experienced in the right cup.

Similar to the wine drinking experience, tea’s embrace can be felt in the warmth of its perfect vessel.

Come, join me on this journey.

Bernadine Tay

Tea Designer & Founder

The Quinteassential Timeline

2020 & BEYOND

TODAY, Quinteassential has developed into a much-doted, independent, values-driven and family owned British tea brand.

We brighten the lives of our customers through engendering innovative, colourful flavour experiences that cleanse, nurture, restore and provide enjoyment by harnessing the superpower of tea.

Our teas can be relished in more than 50 top hospitality establishments in the UK and even more across the globe.

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has been unsettling but Quinteassential keeps evolving to become the home of unique tea blends with exquisite flavours.

We’ve just partnered up with one of Europe’s leading distributers of quality teaware, allowing us to provide the ultimate tea package to our business and retail customers.

We’ll soon be expanding our existing tea range, staying true to our heritage and comprehensive scientific knowledge, only ever using natural ingredients and coherent provenance.

And to conclude the year, we were over the moon to land the title of “Most Innovative Tea Company” at the Lux Life hosted 2020 Food & Drink Awards.

The Quinteassential Life


Health and wellbeing:

Our success depends on supporting our customers health and wellbeing. We create healthy, focused products and experiences that inspire positivity in keeping with the Quinteassential life.

Sustainable partnership:

Winning together to empower business. Using consumer-focused business strategies, we are committed to sustainable profitability with honest collaboration, powered by technology and innovation.


We aim to eliminate any waste we product as part of our process, we do this by recycling, reusing and repurposing.

Connecting cultures:

We aim to convey the joy of understanding different cultural tea habits that fosters cultural connections. Through our marketing communications, recipe creations and training programmes, we infuse knowledge sharing of tea and cultures.

Embracing adventures:

Our blend creations are with imbued Eastern and Western influences. They are a reflection of our founder and tea designer’s heritage and upbringing that straddles both East and West. Through our blends, we hope to influence the industry with creative thinking and inspire change.