Imperial Earl Grey Tea

Loose Leaf or Teabags?


This wonderful tale of East meets West is a blend of black and oolong tea leaves, the finest bergamot and blue cornflowers.


    As he took the very first sip of his Imperial Earl Grey, his tastebuds were greeted by mild citrussy bergamot, pleasingly light and floral oolong, and the comforting, familiar flavours of black tea.

    He was suddenly transported, as the…

    Read the full story and capture your own 'Me Moment' of reflection when you experience our Imperial Earl Grey tea – buy it now.


    Oolong tea was long served at the Chinese Imperial Courts and Earl Grey is very much a traditional British recipe.

    The unique factor of Quinteassential’s handcrafted Imperial Earl Grey can be found in that we use only the finest oolong leaves, delicately scented with natural Italian bergamot.

    Luxurious orchid notes mingle with a soft citrus aroma, to add a unique texture to this traditional British recipe.


    I can help you relax and bring calmness. The scents of oolong and gentle bergamot stimulate the emotional centre of the brain, inspiring calm and relaxation

    Sip me during the daytime and immerse your senses as you inhale the soft, citrussy aromas

    Enjoy me hot, iced or with just a drop of milk to allow notes of vanilla to permeate the brew. Great in a Martini, a mocktail or cocktail or simply on ice with a splash of tonic


    Allow 1 - 2 teaspoons per cup for loose leaf, or a single teabag for 2 cups.

    Water temperature 90˚C.

    Infuse for approximately 2 minutes.

    Caffeine: high

    For the perfect brew, use your phone to scan the QR code printed on the packet to trigger a unique soundtrack that acts as a tea-timer, and to read the full Imperial Earl Grey story.


    Top note of mild citrussy bergamot. Middle notes of vanilla and milk. Base notes of light and floral oolong tea.


    Excellent with chocolatey desserts, cakes and cheese. Enjoy it hot, iced, or in a Martini.

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