Zest Quest

Loose Leaf or Teabags?


Vibrant ginseng root, lemon verbena, Holy basil and the finest green tea leaves create a tonic for vitality.


    A tonic for vitality – feeling so worn down and pulled from pillar to post, she thought this could be the boost needed to help her regain her focus.

    Opening the box, she was pleased to be greeted by a familiar earthy aroma with a slight hint of cloves and citrus.

    What was even more pleasing was how the aroma allowed her to transport herself to her…

    Read the full story and capture your own revitalising 'Me Moment' when you experience Zest Quest - buy it now.


    Transform your inner you with this immunity-boosting infusion. An unorthodox aromatic blend with tea and botanicals such as ginseng, lemon verbena and saffron to promote vitality and uplift your mood, giving you energy and focus.


    I can help you restore your zen; ginseng root, maté, green tea and saffron are turned into a celebration of aromatics

    Sip me morning and noon to supplement your energy levels and healthy living habits

    Enjoy me hot, allowing the gentle earthy flavour with spicy and grassy undertones to unfurl


    Allow 1 - 2 teaspoons per cup for loose leaf, or a single teabag to make up to 2 cups.

    Water temperature 100˚C.

    Infuse for approximately 5 minutes.

    Caffeine: medium

    For the perfect brew, use your phone to scan the QR code printed on the packet to trigger a unique soundtrack that acts as a tea-timer, and to read the full Zest Quest story.


    Top notes are earthy and rounded. Middle notes slightly sweet with a hint of cloves and liquorice. Base note is mint


    Zest Quest marries particularly well with game dishes featuring rich sauces and ‘jus’. Equally good with fragrant curries of mutton and goat, but if you’re looking for meat free dishes, you must pair this tea with smoked tofu or braised Asian root vegetables such as lotus (Yeongeun jorim).

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