Jewel of Africa Tea

Loose Leaf or Teabags?


Rooibos, sandalwood, redcurrants and peony blossoms bring the calmness of a peaceful sunset.


    Streaks of deep amber, vermillion and gold across the sky – flame-like, as the sun slowly disappeared further and further below the horizon.

    The bright greens of the Acacia trees turning dark, as they became silhouettes against the mesmerising backdrop of fire.

    A sense of calm that almost didn’t seem possible in this place that was so wild and alive, just a short time ago.

    She remembered it well, watching the figures that…

    Read the full story and capture your own 'Me Moment' of calm when you experience our Jewel of Africa tea – buy it now.


    Calming and naturally caffeine free, Jewel of Africa is a distinctively soft and aromatic rooibos (redbush) blend.

    Traditionally used in high-end perfumes, sandalwood adds an intriguing and beautiful character to this award-winning tisane.

    Citrussy redcurrant tones down the floral scent of rose petals. It’s smooth, balanced and as sublime as the majestic African plains.


    I can help you you find tranquility, the woody fragrance of sandalwood and redcurrants evoke a feeling of calming peacefulness

    Sip me when you want to unwind in the afternoon or as night draws in

    Enjoy me hot or iced without milk, so that earthy rooibos, soft sandalwood and citrussy redcurrants lull you into slumber


    Allow 1 teaspoon per cup for loose leaf, or a single teabag for 2 cups.

    Water temperature 100˚C.

    Infuse for approximately 5 minutes.

    Caffeine: zero

    For the perfect brew, use your phone to scan the QR code printed on the packet to trigger a unique soundtrack that acts as a tea-timer, and to read the full Jewel of Africa story.


    A top note of orange. Middle notes of sandalwood and redcurrants. Base notes of sweet rooibos tea with light floral scent. This blend makes the perfect bedtime brew.


    Lightly salted snacks and tapas go well with this rooibos tea, equally so does blue cheese, chicken and salad. Enjoy it hot or cold.

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