Click and collect is the new way to enjoy afternoon tea

by Michael Vanheste June 22, 2020

Click and collect is the new way to enjoy afternoon tea

Afternoon tea in a box?!

You can now “click and collect”!

With the hospitality industry across the UK and the rest of the world still in the grip of the coronavirus, we’re seeing many restaurants, cafés and tearooms looking to diversify.

Consumers likewise are looking to get their afternoon tea or other dining out fix by opting in to “click and collect”.

From B&B owners selling beautifully soft, freshly made scones to luxury hotels with vacant dining rooms pimping their finest patisserie, there are now quite a few ways to get afternoon tea in a box.

Quinteassential has created different solutions to enhance the 'Afternoon Tea at Home' Experience

With a number of industry customers asking for our help, Quinteassential has created different options to enhance the “afternoon tea at home” experience.

For instance, together with three of our loyal customers, we have successfully launched our “Tea for Two” sachets, competitively priced, so that they can be easily added to a tasting box.

Larger sachets can also be filled with four teabags of the same blend to allow a top up brew. These tea blends are available with teas from across our signature range and they include:

Of course, if it’s loose leaf tea that you’re after, we’re able to pack any of the above range into packets of a similar size.

Now, you don’t have to work in the hospitality industry to create amazing afternoon tea experiences at home.

We’re able to ship our entire range of loose leaf and teabags pretty much anywhere in the world so head over to our shop and browse.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on our Instagram account as we’re working hard to create offers and incentives for home users.


Our teas made available for wholesale and retail

Diversifying your business into areas you’re not used to can be somewhat of a challenge. Another thing we’ve done to help our customers with this extending our product range to wholesale and retail.

Our low minimum order quantities and competitive pricing have already helped some of our savvy clients to retail our teas and even provide a lifeline community service.

Our friends over at Forest Gin have done exactly that and throughout the lockdown period, have been delivering some of our tea range to their local community. Along with essentials such as sanitising hand gel and loo roll, Karl and his team have created an online shop to make our teas available throughout the Peak District.

Doubt not, we’re very much looking forward to the not too distant future where our favourite restaurants, cafés, bars and tearooms can safely reopen. But until then, at least we’re able to help our customers get their afternoon tea fix for the time being.

Are you missing Afternoon Tea? Would you host a private “tea for two” party in the comfort of your own home? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.

Quinteassential is an independent tea business putting tea at the heart of what we do. We don't simply sell tea as a commodity, but we design our blends with flavours and experience in mind. Green tea, oolong, white tea, rooibos, yellow tea, bespoke blends and unique infusions are our speciality. For hospitality we find out exactly what customers need and bring an incomparable, tailored solution to the table. Based in Chester, UK since 2008, Quinteassential is also a tea consultancy and our award winning unique teas and healthy teas in loose leaf and tea bags can be custom designed to suit all manner of different industries.