British Mint & Caramel Tea

Loose Leaf or Teabags?


Lush spearmint and zestful peppermint are carefully blended for a smooth, almost creamy flavour thrill.


    There was something about that sweet, sweet smell – with the slight fresh, peppery clean kick. It never failed to disappoint. There was something mystical, magical even.

    It was funny, he thought. The way he couldn’t fully describe it if he was asked to. He always fell short, unable to put the magic into words.

    It wasn’t just a smell, it was…

    Read the rest of the story and capture your own magical 'Me Moment' when you experience our British Mint & Caramel tea – buy it now.


    Naturally free from caffeine and calories, British Mint & Caramel is a contemporary interpretation of a classic herbal tea: notes of fresh mint are rounded with subtle layers of caramel flavour to create a smooth finish.

    Light and sweet, this blend is a fitting toast to carefree days.


    A top note of English toffee. Base notes of icy, smooth wild peppermint. Best enjoyed hot, with a chocolate biscuit (or three).


    Spicy stews or light meals like fish and salad.


    Allow 1 teaspoon per cup for loose leaf, or a single teabag for 2 cups.

    Water temperature 100˚C.

    Infuse for approximately 2 minutes.

    For the perfect brew, use your phone to scan the QR code printed on the packet to trigger a unique soundtrack that acts as a tea-timer, and to read the full British Mint & Caramel story.

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