Brexit Information


The United Kingdom has now left the European Union, this will affect your order if you ship tea to an EU member state.

This information is compiled by Quinteassential and is with best intentions believed to be correct at the time of publishing (February 2021), for detailed charges on import duty, taxes and excise fees, we recommend researching these subjects relevant to your personal situation on the destination country’s government websites. A useful place to find further details is on the EU’s webportal: or on the British Government’s dedicated Brexit transition pages. Another useful leaflet, published by the EU can be downloaded here.

If we can be of further assistance with your international shipment, please contact before placing your order, we’ll be glad to assist you with your queries.

Our prices are displayed in GBP and payment is handled by your bank or credit card supplier who will convert the rate to your local currency.  Note that these organisations may charge a handling fee for foreign currency transactions.

We use Royal Mail for the majority of our consignments.  We pass on the charges we have to pay to send you your parcel at true cost without any mark up: postage service + packaging cost = delivery fee.  For more information on delivery charges and estimated shipping times, please review our delivery page.

For shipping outside of the United Kingdom, we can often provide better prices than those published below as these are standard rates. By calculating weight, dimensions and destination rates, we can provide you with a bespoke price for your order.
Get in touch with us via to see how we can help you save on European and international shipping costs.


Since 1 January 2021, the Brexit transition period has come to an end. This means that the rules have changed and the United Kingdom is now treated as a ‘third country’ by EU member states, just like other countries outside of the union such as China and the USA. The same charges that apply to goods bought online from non-EU retailers now apply to online shopping from the UK.

Quinteassential will not charge any extra fees to non-UK customers, the price displayed on the checkout page is the price you pay us. Depending on destination country, any extra taxes and fees from the customs authorities, handling agents or couriers will be charged by your postal operator or the courier. This invoice must be paid to them before the goods are handed over to you.

The breakdown of the price we charge you at checkout is:

Total price of goods + postage & packaging (which includes insurance) = total price of consignment

Consignment value up to €22

If the total price of your consignment (the price you pay at our checkout page) is less than €22.00 (approximately £18.90) then you should not be charged any extra fees such as VAT or customs charges by the company handing over your parcel. Note that this rule is set to expire on 1 July 2021 and VAT will be payable (if applicable) to all purchases made online.

Consignment value between €22 and €150

If the total price of your consignment is more than €22.00 but less than €150.00 then you may be charged ‘customs fees’ by the company handing over your parcel as well as the VAT rate on tea applicable to the destination country, i.e. for Belgium this would be 6%. Depending on the EU Member State’s rules you may also have to pay excise duties.

Consignment value over €150

Generally speaking, with internet shopping, if the total price of your consignment exceeds €150.00 have to pay import duties on top of all previous explained charges. Many items are tariff free and from our understanding, tea is included in this, and therefore no import duties should be charged on our products. See source of information here.

If you are still left with further questions, you can e-mail us at and we will do our utmost to help you with your order.