The easiest way to cut sugar? Drink this tea...

by Bernadine Tay January 15, 2021

The easiest way to cut sugar? Drink this tea...

There's a reason why processed sugar is hard to shake: it's addictive and makes us feel good. For about 5 minutes and then you crash down. Hard.

Whilst sugar makes you feel good emotionally, excess consumption can lead to headaches, energy crashes and even hormonal imbalances.

Often hard to resist, that initial first bite or sip tastes satisfying enough, then quickly leads to guilt, fatigue, a bloated stomach and eventually weight gain. “Why did I do that?!”

Many of us use the start of a New Year as an annual health seminar with ourselves. We get really excited and motivated by the idea of a ‘new and improved me’ by exercising, but seldom make it past week two.

The majority of people find it difficult to stick to a habit, even though the motivation to do so is high. The secret we live by here at Quinteassential is creating tiny habits. Making a tiny change can greatly improve your ability to stick to a habit and achieve your aspiration of wellbeing. This begins with tea.

An effective solution is to trick your brain into believing you are consuming something sweet. Quinteassential’s high quality naturally flavoured teas such as are a perfect example of how this calorie-free option can remind you of a sweet treat, whilst naturally being kind to your body. We carefully blend teas made with green tea, black tea, oolong or even herbal blends with ingredients, such as fruit, flowers, spices, even chocolate.

A large part of flavour also comes from its smell. We artfully blend our award winning teas ensuring its perfume sends signals to the brain giving you an “odour image” of the delicious aroma of freshly made chocolates or a peach tart. What’s more, the best types of flavoured tea to drink are green teas. Green tea has long been known to have health benefits, reduce body weight and fat accumulation by improving sugar and fat metabolism and better manage high blood sugar, which often makes you crave sweet treats.

The simple solution

Swapping your favourite sweet treat to a naturally sweet, flavourful green tea. Award winning green tea blends like Garden of Eden, Green Flamingo and White Elixir are a satisfying alternative if you are serious about making the healthy change. Our revive set comprises of three award winning blends which can be enjoyed at different times of the day, depending on what mood you are in.


The perfect trio for anytime of the day.

This beautiful range is available in compostable, earth-friendly teabags. To make it easy for you to enjoy anytime that craving comes. Tiny, small changes is all you need to feel great.

Blended with your wellbeing in mind, you can be sure we are here for you in all your challenges this 2021.