At Quinteassential, Bernadine helps clients increase their profitability with their tea offerings. She has designed unique blends and created product range for hotels, restaurants and luxury brands. With a long career in marketing and PR, she also consults for companies about their tea service solutions, branding and retail concepts.

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Some of the clients that she has worked with are The Midland in Manchester, Northcote, Crewe Hall and Amanda Wakeley, among others. Most recently, she was appointed as the global tea curator for Wedgwood, a British heritage brand, to work with their team to develop their tea range solutions.

We nurture and value the relationships with all our clients. Working together to ensure their tea offerings are a success, adapting to their needs as they grow, and tailoring solutions to the evolving market.

Work with us

To find out how we can help you with your brand and business, write us at:
– Tea service and menu design
– Product range development and solution
– Facilitating collaborators and streamlining tea supply chain
– Bespoke blend design
– Tea pairing with your offerings
– Staff training and tea classes to elevate your tea service
– Brand consultancy and retail concept
– Sales and marketing support
– Specialty tea sourcing
– Speaking engagements

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