An American’s ode to Burmese tea leaf salad

American chef and author, Elizabeth Howes, translate her love for Burmese culture into a modern salad recipe book. By design, the recipes are uncommon, complex and intense. Brimming with fresh vegetables, spices, fruits, teas, nuts and other ingredients, the recipes are brought to life featuring an iconic dish that’s often describe as thrilling and addictive: the Burmese tea leaf salad.


2016 is shaping to be an eventful year, notably with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the next US president. Instead of champagne on ice, we borrow a tea with salt recipe from a global peace icon, Mahatma Gandhi, for a tea toast to usher in the new year with new possibilities.

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Coffee Kombucha, symbiotic mould, and brewing your own healthy tea features as fermentation takes over the nation.