Before Darjeeling flushes, there were China rushes

In the 19th century, long before the first tea bush was planted in India, fast freight ships known as tea clippers vied with each other to deliver the first spring tea harvest from China to England. At stake were prestige and profit as the first tea to market commanded the highest price.

In Search of Earl Grey

Surprisingly lots of tea lovers are not aware that Earl Grey is a real person, and not a fictitious name concocted by tea companies. Quinteassential traveled to Howick Hall in Northumberland to speak to the descendant of Earl Grey to find out more about the man behind the eponymous blend.

The Longest Feud

Immortalised in stamps, postcards and pictures, for the longest time China and India had been laying claim as ‘The World’s Tea Original Source.’ It took science sleuths decades of search and testing to finally settle the dispute.


2016 is shaping to be an eventful year, notably with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the next US president. Instead of champagne on ice, we borrow a tea with salt recipe from a global peace icon, Mahatma Gandhi, for a tea toast to usher in the new year with new possibilities.