From here to nomad’s land

A photo journal: On the isolated roads and rocky trails to northeastern Afghanistan, Jeremy found pockets of hospitality among the nomads and tribes along the journey. Far away from modern civilization, there’s a constant that breaks down language, social and cultural barriers – a communion over a simple meal and tea

Northeastern Afghanistan. Vast deserts, alpine hiking, and rocky terrain. Still on the go, Jeremy has barely stopped to comment whilst wrapped up in the vastness of unfamiliar sights and culture. He managed to send us some stunning images of his journey. The exquisite details we can do our best to surmise, but no words can compare to the stories told by his images.

travel afghanistan and nomads 3
Holding on to your camel lest it floats away.

travel afghanistan and nomads 4
The pass that leads to the princely state of Chitral.

travel afghanistan and nomads 5
My new benchmark for alpine hiking. Dead calf level is good for the whole family. See dead donkeys and the terrain is more advanced. Once you get to dead goat level, plan your exit strategy.

travel afghanistan and nomads 6
Breaking bread and drinking yak-butter tea with the village elders.

travel afghanistan and nomads 7
Bread, the staple food, the ONLY food. Except for maybe oily rice that’s alot like plov. Weak stomachs should stick with the bread. The black tea helps to calm upset stomachs as well as cut through the oil on rice.

travel afghanistan and nomads 8
The Wakhi people, well known for their fierce independence and pride, are also renowned for their hospitality.

It would be possible to attempt to put in words this experience, but impossible to truly replicate it.

Since casting aside his accountant’s garb to pursue writing and photography, Jeremy has written for Intercontinental Hotels Group, Weekender and Asia361 among others. He keeps up his passion by reminding himself, “if you don’t question why you are putting yourself through hell just once during a trip, it isn’t an ‘adventure’ in a corner of the earth.” See more of his travels at / @g0ldeng0h / @trippincreatives